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Open Daily from 10:30am - 8.30pm


Head, neck, shoulder, back or any muscle pain?

Sleeping tensions, tiredness, migraine, sport injuries?


Thai Revival in Chiswick offers a full range of massage services and treatments for both ladies and gentlemen clients in clean and comfortable surroundings. Come and relax, unwind and rest.

Massage therapies are wonderfully soothing for the nervous system and help to bring the individual to a sense of awareness of their body's needs. Massage works as an aid to combat stress in our everyday lives, rejuvenating and nourishing our system. Massage is recorded as one of the earliest forms of physical therapy and it is known that it was used by many different cultures over 3000 years ago.


Lay back as the very life of your soul is stirred and a holistic and therapeutic massage starts at your pace .... deep, and intensely stimulating, invigorating all parts of the body, or a wonderful form of relaxation with correct application of hands over body.

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